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Creating Amazing Images

When you start thinking about creating an image what is the first thing that pops into your head? I'll wait.......Before I knew what I was doing on a professional level I would just think about the props and what is going to be in the image. While that is important it shouldn't be your first thought. Look below at this image.

There are hardly any props and yet you're looking at the bread the nuts on the top the shredded zucchini, the air bubbles in the sliced loaf of bread. This is all because of light. What and how you use light will ultimately make or break your images. The background was also a thought process because that is not a black background but rather a lack of light in the scene to create this very high contrast look to the image.

Having your food catch the light is so important and if you are needing help with these concepts or need your imagery done with this amount of thought and attention to detail please book your free 30-minute consultation and we can set up the next steps to achieve your goals.

Sit back and enjoy a coffee while we take care of your companies image.

Contact us today at or email us at or call at 705-677-9296

Can't wait to start working together!

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